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Do you have a loft? If so, chances are that you don’t really use it enough to make it useful. That said, there are many ways you can use a loft outside of the intended purpose. After all, a loft is just a room that’s a little higher up in the house, meaning you can make it anything you want it to be, including extra living space for extended family, friends, and other guests. A loft conversion can often be much cheaper than adding a new extension to the home, and it can often be more effective as well. Depending on the size of your loft, you can convert it to include a bed, a bathroom, and even a kitchenette. Long story short, you can get more for less when you go for a conversion rather than an extension, and the benefits are further increased when you work together with a company you can trust like Home Shape LTD.

Home Shape LTD is a company dedicated to quality renovations, conversions, extensions, and home projects of all types. We have years of experience at our disposal and dozens of highly trained craftsmen that can make any project blueprint a reality at an affordable, competitive price. We even offer project planning assistance, and can help you obtain all of the permits and permissions you need from the city to make your loft conversion happen.

This is especially helpful if you’ll be converting your loft to living space, in which case you will have to be certain that it stands up to building codes. Making sure this is accomplished is important if you want your conversion to be as cheap as possible in the long run, because a room that is not built to code will have to be fixed sooner or later, and that’s even more expense for you.

That’s why you should rely on a company you know will get the job done to the fullest extent. Home Shape LTD doesn’t cut corners when it comes to working on your home, whether it’s a conversion or a full blown extension. We make sure everything is up to the standards set by the city right from the beginning, ensuring that you will have to spend less time and money on a project you should only have to do once.

Home LTD makes sure that is the case every single time. There’s no reason to ever do the same project twice, especially when you can get it done once with less time and a lot less money. That’s why you should trust someone that can get the job done the first time. Home Shape LTD is that company, guaranteeing you quality work at an affordable price and a reasonable timeframe. Home Shape LTD provides everything you need to make a loft conversion as simple and painless as possible. With our low prices and assistance with project management, you can rest easy having Home Shape LTD working on your projects.